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Aréal Star is an American singer, songwriter, dancer & actress from Houston, Texas.  Her first smash single “Me and My Girls” ft. Candi Redd was an instant hit and pushed into the arena of R&B/Pop royalty. She is known for her intense choregraphy and 4 octave vocal range. Her smooth melodic notes mixed with her contagious personality has made Aréal Star a favorite in entertainment.


Born in Beaumont, Texas, Areal started found her voice in church at a young age. Her family supported her musical & acting talents as she began to cultivate her gifts with after-school activities and singing opportunities that served her growth. After her graduation from Texas Southern University, she began to professionally pursue her career in entertainment.

Never afraid to reinvent herself, Areal emerged as a solo artist and released her first hit single, Me and My Girls” ft. Candi Redd. Written by The Narrators and produced by Ronnie D, the song quickly gained steam and gave Aréal her first radio charting hit as well notoriety in music. She followed with the singles “Copy Me” and “Pull Up” which gave her fans exciting visuals of the superstar, her intense choreography and a peak into her highly anticipated full length project.


Aréal describes her music as rhythmic trap (a very distinct sound that explores the genres of alternative R&B, pop, hip hop, and trap music all wrapped into one). She has been preparing the music and visuals for a fierce release of her EP, Between Me and You. This 8 song collection is the first of many full projects featuring the lead singles “You Played Yourself” &”Admit It” for a 2018 release.

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